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First budget-friendly Breach and Attack simulation platform in SaaS model that proactively identifies security gaps 24/7.

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Thanks to the cybersecurity performance platformyou will get:

  • predict and minimize hackers attacks 24/7

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  • optimize your cybersecurity budget used for pen testing

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  • leverage your resources

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  • generate reports

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tactical dashboard

  • risk indicators
  • diligence certificates
  • MITRE ATT&CK heatmaps
  • technical detailed procedures outputs
  • automatic project reporting
  • integrations with Jira
  • threat resilience scoring and trending

1strike platform works like real

Pen-Testers / Red Team operators

to prevent you from attacks such as:

First strike will continuously validate cybersecurity tools you are using now if they are really protecting you. And if not, you will know exactly where to focus your attention to increase the barrier for hackers. All in the form of a prioritized task list that can be implemented directly to Jira.

With first strike, you are always a few steps before hackers in a budget effective way.

  • ▪ Ransomware, malware infection techniques
  • ▪ Insider threat techniques
  • ▪ Data leakage scenarios
  • ▪ Defense evasion techniques
  • ▪ Detecting misconfigurations, deficiencies, plain text passwords stored locally or in the network, known vulnerability resources (eg. SMB v1), vulnerable services exposed on the Internet (eg. RDP)
  • ▪ Executing attacks on Active Directory (e.g. Kerberoasting)
  • ▪ And many other techniques used by attackers in real life scenarios

Created by world-class cybersecurity professionals!

First strike was created thanks to security professional practitioners, ethical hackers and researchers.

We know cybersecurity inside out and our mission is to help you prioritize your testing strategy, optimize your cyber security time, budget and resources adequately. That will enable you to continue your business digital transformation and address evolving cyber threats in an agile way! We are still developing our product, so if you want to be part of creating the next cybersecurity tool, just write your suggestions to us!

Take a chance and secure yourself 24/7!

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